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It’s estimated as many as 200 people die each year and dozens more are left badly injured.

Source: RNZ

Everlyn Kunda’s Safehouse

Everlyn Kunda became a human rights defender when she saw what was happening around her on the streets of Goroka. People were forced to leave their villages accused of sanguma - witchcraft and sorcery. Many are killed in their villages but those that do escape find themselves alone and desperate. Everlyn is determined to do all she can to help these survivors.

Everlyn gives everything she can to support, house, and rehabilitate the often traumatised survivors that she takes under her wing. Her work is dangerous, unfunded, and desperately needed.


A film about one woman’s fight to stop sorcery violence in the Pacific. In the isolated communities of Papua New Guinea Highlands, fear spreads like a virus. They fear witches and sorcery. They fear sanguma.

Women and men are tortured, mutilated, and burnt alive as accused witches. The fear of accusation and violence haunts everyone, especially the society’s most vulnerable, women and children.

Amid this, one woman fights the swelling tide of sorcery killings and accusations with the only resource she has, love.

Impact Project

The ongoing threat to Evelyn’s safety and those that she cares for is a daily risk. With growing instances of sorcery related violence, complicated further by Covid 19, there is an urgent need to support Evelyn in her work. This impact campaign is a key part of the film project MARIMARI.

All proceeds gathered here go directly to supporting Evelyn Kunda’s Safehouse.

Here on the website you are able to donate directly to an OpenCollective for Evelyn’s Safehouse.

Our Impact Goals

  • Raise awareness about sorcery accusation related violence in the Pacific through the feature documentary MARIMARI.
  • Develop a series of in-country resources designed to combat sorcery accusation related violence.
  • Connect our audience with our partners who are carrying out humanitarian work in PNG.
  • Connect our audience with further information and resources about stopping sorcery violence.
  • Support Evelyn Kunda to build a permanent Safehouse on secure land.
  • In alignment with the United Nation's Sustainable Development Goal, to empower the women whose lives are affected by sorcery violence in the Pacific

How to help

We are building our team of talented artists, technical
specialists, support people, and change makers. If you
are interested in being part of our impact campaign
please contact us.

We want to hear from you if you are interested in being
involved in helping to bring about positive change in the
lives of millions in Papua New Guinea.

Join us to help bring an end to sorcery related and
gender-based violence in the Pacific.

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